SuperPower - Take Over the World

SuperPower - Take Over the World
SuperPower is an intriguing game in which you can play ANY country and try to do your best militarily, politically or economically.

First, the fun parts. The being any country is really great fun. You can play as the US and take on Iraq. You can play South Korea and work against North Korea. You have the entire globe as your playing field. You can try to just stay in power, or eliminate armed rebels, or win in other ways.

The game moves in 1 week increments, throwing a random number of political, economic and natural disasters at you during that time. You have a certain amount of money and military forces to start with, and depending on what objectives you choose, you use those to try to achieve your goals. You can tell your tanks or helicopters to attack your neighbors, or to hunker down and defend your cities.

You can buy yourself more military forces, and even design new types in your factories. You can fund research or pour it into your local economy.

The craphics are crisp but aren't set up to be of the action-shooter variety. Instead, the strategic battlemap shows small markers indicating the various forces, and you set them against each other. You can zoom in and out to decide where to deploy your forces.

At the end of the week, you get news flashes about what has transpired and then you move on with the game.

The game is on the older side, so it's advisable to download the patches from the company's website before you play it. We haven't had any trouble at all with it on XP. It can get complicated when you get into the game, trying to manage all of the countries you've taken over. And the frequency of disasters and choices made by the computer aren't always very realistic. Still, if you've always wanted to see how Canada would do if they chose to invade the US, this is a brilliant way to have fun for a few hours and live out your fantasies.

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