How to Live in Cars - Book Review

How to Live in Cars - Book Review
I downloaded a kindle version of How I Lived Ten Consecutive Years in My Car. It was technically fascinating; full of very solid information. The author goes into extensive detail on how to live comfortable, warm and well in any type of car (including small sedans), where to park, and how to be inconspicuous. The book is well worth the small $5 ebook price for any frugal minded person wondering how to live nearly free, for as long as they want.

While the author's writing style is pretty dry and repetitive, I can't say he doesn't know his material inside and out. Chapters include excruciating details on how to comfortably enjoy life in a small space and save a ton of money in the process. Topics include -

  • Legally darkening your windows and creating total privacy
  • Using upholstery foam to stay warm
  • How to modify your car for living without making permanent alterations to the vehicle
  • the best kind of cars to live in
  • How to stay under the radar so you don't come across as a homeless bum to the world
  • How to stay clean living in cars
  • How to cook in cars
  • How to store everything you need, in what kinds of containers and where
  • How to use the toilet in a car
  • How to keep your car in good condition
  • Best and worst places to park
  • How to handle being questioned by the police
  • How to use electricity in cars
  • How to entertain yourself and have a less stressful existence
  • Even tips on how to have intimate relations in your car!

The meat of the book is the incredible detail (from the author's own experiences) on exactly where, when and how to park stealthily so you don't get hassled by cops or asked to move along. He covers parking at truck stops, parks, city streets, hotel lots, airport terminals, industrial areas, 24 hour businesses, apartment complexes, colleges, libraries, rest stops, country roads, wilderness locations and in residential areas.

He discusses exactly which types of parking is best for the different modes of 1. traveling, 2. being semi-permanent and 3. being mostly permanent. Obviously, in traveling mode you have many more options, since you are less likely to be hassled if you don't 'look' like you are living in your car. But as the author has lived nonstop for more than ten years in cars, he proves it can be done. What's nice is that he makes it sound comfortable, relatively easy, and fun. If you are thinking of really setting aside some time to save money, living in your car for a few months - while still working - can lead to very quick savings.

Think about it. If you are paying a thousand dollars a month on rent and utilities, that is money you get to keep. It adds up fast if you are already well versed in frugal living!

I downloaded the book onto my iPhone using the free Kindle app (so you don't need a Kindle), but you can also use the free download app on any computer you own. While I had to laugh at the author's weird style of repeating exact phrases used previously through his book, I could not fault the wealth of experience he shares on every possible angle of car living. Well recommended if you are considering a span of car living time, or are just curious if the lifestyle could work for you.

TEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS LIVING IN CARS: Living, Traveling, Camping, Attending College and Performing Surveillance in Cars

Note - I purchased this ebook using my own funds and devoured the material in two days. :)

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