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Lisa Shea
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Planescape Torment:
Upper (Clerk's) Ward

The first person you meet, to the north, is Malmaner who is annoying guy that wants a costume. Be patient with Goncalves the tailor, and you get 8000xp and 30c for the first costume. Warn him that everyone is going as that, and now for 6000xp and 50c you get him a Godsman costume. You can also buy some good clothes for Annah.

Sarhave Ujhul is just obnoxious. Salabesh the Onyx says that Jumble Murdersense cursed Reekwind, and that he's in the Civic Festhall. When you are cursed by Jumble, torment Salabesh into giving you the counter-curse. You meet Jolmi's Messenger, who says Jolmi wants you to meet her in the Festhall. When you find her, she gives you 1000 copper to kill you for fun.

To the south, tell your tale to Diligence, and Nemelle tells you your word for the decanter is NILDENOSAJ. Use this to free Ignus from his fiery captivity, so he'll join you. She's looking for Aelwyn, who is to the far east. Find her and return to Nemelle, who gives you 8000xp and a max HP increase. There is a drunken mage here. When you tell him of Unfulfilled Desire in the Festhall, you get 10,000xp and he gives you his special Frost-Ale mug.

Able Ponder Thought will research about you and the Hag, if you give him a day.

There is an Exotic Shoppe up some stairs, with Vrischika and her servant, Standish. Get the Chocolate Quasit for Quell. Get the Elixir of Horrific Separation for Pestle-Kilnn. The Fiend's Tongue is for Ecco, and the Gorgon Salve is for Gangroighydon. You'll come back for the Deva's Tears later on, to get Ecco to stop cursing. Note that once you get Falls-From-Grace in your party, the owner gets very cranky.

Finam, the Linguist, recognizes the language of your Dodecahedron. Only his father knows it. Talk to his father's ashes and get 8000xp, then 4000xp as you remember him. Admit to the murder and apologize. You get 10,000xp for reading the dodecahedron and its journal.

The Advocate is your father-in-law ... he's Deionarra's father. She was a Sensate. He tells about her and how a fire destroyed some wills he had. When you get Deionarra's legacy, you get 2 heart charms, a wedding ring, a healing scroll +33, and a note. Show the note to dad to console him. When you've seen Deionarra's memory, offer to help the dad see it too. You get 8000xp for this, and another 8000xp to see *your* legacy - a foundry receipt, a sttone of +1 save vs poison and +15% resistance to acid, and a kaleidoscopic eye.

The Apothecary has Pestle-Kilnn who is a fused pair of people. When you give him the Elixir of Horrific Separation, you get 6000xp and now he's two people. Later on, when you need a scraping of your body for the foundry, come back here and Pestle will do it for you.

In the art gallery, grab a dark bird of Ocathus and put it in the mug - it's from Styx. You get 300xp from the hag painting, and 4000xp for the splinter from the statue. If you use the Gorgon Salve on the statue, an 'awful curse' is placed on you and you die. The 'statue' runs off. You of course come right back to life ;) Yuana is the mother of Tale Chaser - tell her of her daughter's tale and her eyes turn green. She says that the hag's question was always "What can change the nature of a man".

The Civic Festhall has a page of its own, as does the Brothel. Planescape Torment Walkthrough
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