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Saints Row Walkthrough
Basic Motion

Saint's Row does a great job of telling you exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it.

Direction stick - move
RB - run (only until your stamina runs out)

LT RT punches
LB kicks
LT + RT blocks (or dives out of the way)

A - reload
Y - revive a fellow gang member

Hold B button down
the left stick chooses weapon - bare hand, knife/stick, pistol etc. each has a category of weapon.
When you're choosing your current weapon, the "health bar" beneath it shows how much ammo you have compared to the max you can carry for this weapon.

On this same pop-up display, the bottom four-spot is for the d-pad; you can carry 4 food items for instant heal

A accelerate
X brake/reverse

Once you are "canonized" you can recruit gang members by pressing up on your D pad. You start with the ability to have 1.

The D-pad left and right change you radio stations in your car. The down button cancels a mission if you're in one.

It's very easy to carjack a car any time you want - and not really worth the $25 to take the train.

If you see a hand symbol on a door, you can go in it. If you see a foot symbol, you're kicking in the door - breaking in.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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