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Saints Row Walkthrough

If you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you know exactly what you're in for with Saints Row. You're part of a gang. You kill off other gang members. You have a giant world that you can drive around, stealing cars, running over pedestrians. You can buy clothing, get tattoos, and build up respect. This is a game that you can literally play for months, if you explore every corner.

Basic Motion
Saving / Crib
HUD - Heads Up Display
Car Listing
Weapons Listing
Voice Actor Listing

Mission Path
The Streets of Stillwater
Rallying Cry
Back to Basics
Carnale's Stronghold
(it then branches into a path per gang)

Vice Kings
Woman Troubles
Old Friends
King Stronghold - Sunnyvale
Pushback - Tanya Area
Pushback - Sunnyvale
Filmore Parking Garage
Decisions, Decisions
King Stronghold - Shivington
The Rescue
Frame Job
King Stronghold - Huntersfield
Subtlety is the Key
Calling In a Favor
King Stronghold - Red Light
King's Dilemma
Return of the King

Los Carnales
First Blood
Dex and Troy
Los Carnales Stronghold - Fox Drive
Calm Before the Storm
Pushback - Fox Drive
The Classics Never Die
Los Carnales Stronghold - Stoughton
Meet McManus
Los Carnales Stronghold - Black Bottom
Meeting Orejuela
Chain of Command
Los Carnales Stronghold - Barrio
Pushback - Pilsen
Troy's Solution
Los Carnales Stronghold - Poseiden Alley
House Calls
Dinner's Cancelled

Just a Girl
Turning On the Heat
Pleasant View Storage
Meet Uncle Will
Pushback - Pleasantview
Thinking Outside the Box
Stronghold - Tidal Spring
Merry Christmas, Mr.Sharp
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Stronghold - Copperton
Price's Mansion
Paying the Price

Final Missions
Battlefield Promotion
A Little Community Service
Salting the Earth - final mission

Many stores are open only during the day, and several have specials that cycle through occasionally. You learn their names as you drive near them.
Car Dealer (car key)
Car Mechanic (wrench)
Clothing Store (t-shirt)
Confessional (halo over red)
Fast Food Shop (burger)
Gun Shop (gun)
Hair Salon (barber pole)
Jewelry Store (diamond)
Liquor Store
Music Store (note)
Plastic Surgeon (face)
Tattoo Parlor (letter T)

Activities / Mini Games
Chop Shop (yellow car)
Demolition Derby (blue car)
Drug Trafficking (needle)
Escort (heart)
Hijacking (truck)
Hitman (target)
Insurance Fraud (crutches)
Mayhem (broken window)
Racing (checkered flag)
Snatch (pimp hat)

Disc Locations
Hijack a Car
Radio Stations

Saints Row Review

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