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Saints Row Walkthrough
Cars Listing

I am SO happy that I don't have to sit in front of my TV taking tons of pictures of cars, like I had to do with the Grand Theft Auto series!! Instead, when you do the chop shop missions, it actually shows you what car you are looking for - and you can stick it on your HUD if you want.

Your garage holds unlimited cars, in the exact shape as you put them in. If you put them in damaged, you take them out damaged.

Cars for Chop Shop
Ambulance - traditional, lights on top
Attrazione - sports car, Lambourghini style Countach
Bootlegger - a Starsky & Hutch car
Bulldog - a Hummer
Cavallero - typical standard sedan
FBI - sturdy black shiny SUV
Halberd - like a mini-cooper
La Fuerza - sporty pickup truck
Nelson - Saab european style sedan
Nordberg - Ford Bronco, named after OJ character :)
Peterliner - front part of a tractor trailer
Raycaster - Long, narrow RX7 style
Reaper - hearse (i.e. car used in funerals)
Taxi - yellow and red, taxi sign on top
Varsity - standard pickup, says WASABI on the back of it
Zenith - sports car - mix between Porshe and RS7

Other Cars
Capshaw - 4 door sedan a la Camry / Mustang
Eiswulf - Volkswagon convertible
Fer de Lance - Ferrari racecar style
Hollywood - old Pontiac from the 50s with big fins
Justice - Formal Bentley style sedan
Rattler - old style Porshe car
Ricochet - like a Ford Taurus station wagon
Socialite - Mercedes style English sedan
Vegas - 70s style sleek sedan
Venom - current model Corvette
Venom Classic - old model Corvette
Vortex - curvy sportscar
Zimos - tiny little Escort style sedan
Zircon - Jetta style little semi-sportscar
ZomKah - upscale sedan a la BMW

Note that you don't seem to get any jump bonusses for doing tricks like jumping off garages or drawbridges.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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