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Saints Row Walkthrough
Saving / Crib

You don't start with a crib - you get one once you finish the first mission. It is of course a trashy crib, but as you go through the game you get better and better spots.

There's a "game box" in your crib - touch it to save your game. You have about 15 game save spots, and of course if you have a memory card you can save more.

You get your "territory income" in your crib. At the beginning it's low, but as you start winning missions, you take over more and more territory - meaning your daily income grows to be quite huge.

You have a weapon stash in your crib, and you can get a knife and baseball bat there for free.

Your crib's garage holds *unlimited* cars in it. Note that the car stays in the exact state of damage as when you put it into your garage.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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