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Saints Row Walkthrough
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You're now his right hand man and everyoneis looking at you. "Just say the word" says your crew. Now you go through the credits.

You should now have the regular .50 and AR-40 in your crib.

The game is 86% done.

This merges into A Semi-Charmed Life. You go to the church - you get Stuffing the Ballot. Chief Monroe has Julius. He wants Marshall, one of the Mayoral candidates, taken care of.

Here's the deal. You have 3:45 to hijack the campaign bus and park it on the tracks. The *moment* you start the call, you can start driving, but the 3:45 doesn't start counting until the conversation ends. So you can get quite a ways towards the campaign bus by then. Check every 20 seconds or so while you drive to angle to intercept the bus. It has a health bar. You'll see when you get close - it's a red bus with stars on it.

Drive up without causing ANY trouble so that the cops don't interfere - and shoot the bus driver in the head. You can't get in while the driver is alive. Once he's dead, hop into the bus and start driving. You're pretty much "safe" once you're in the bus but the cops can be nasty until you get in there, so you want to make sure you start with no stars at all and then move quickly when you're ready to shoot.

Now it's just a matter of driving the bus to the marked spot - the bus should have plenty of health to get you there.


Saint's Row Walkthrough

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