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Saints Row Walkthrough
Chop Shop

These are the classic car collecting missions from Grand Theft Auto - but much better!! It actually SHOWS you which car they want you to get, and you can put it in your HUD so you can see that image as your drive around. It'll even highlight on your mini-map where the nearest ones are located! Talk about easy. Maybe it's a bit toooo easy.

You might as well go get all 3 lists right away in the game - you can get them at any time, in any order.

If they say they want a modification, don't try to find one that has that modification! Just steal a base version of the car and then get it modified. It doesn't matter what color it is. It also doesn't matter if it's damaged.

Vice Kings

Car NameModsLocationYour IncomeRespect
Quotanone $1,000800
FBInone $5,000900
Keystoneretro spoiler $5001000
Nordbergsport spoiler $2,0001100
Nelsonstreet spoilersuburbs and downtown$2,5001200
Magor1 bumpers, or rimshigh end retail$2,5001300
Bulldoglux body kit, st1 rimsA hijack mission involves this car$$2,5001400

You unlock a special stilletto with this.


Car NameModsLocationYour IncomeRespect
Peterlinernone $1000700
Nightingalenone*in* airport$1000800
Halberdnone $500900
Westburymuscle rims $5001000
Varsitystreet grill $5001100
Raycasterracing exhaust $2,0001200
Attrazionesport front bumper, conv roof $3,0001300
Zenithrac exhaust, rac conv roofBavogian mission, after Vice Kings are done$$3,0001400

You unlock a special Ricochet with this.


Car NameModsLocationYour IncomeRespect
Ambulancenonesame area$1,000800
Destinynone $750900
Taxistreet hoodsame area$7501000
Slingshotstylish hoodsame area$7501100
Bootleggerhot rod hood $1,0001200
Comptonmuscle hood, stylish rims $1,0001300
La Fuerzahot rod hood, low rider rims$1,0001400

All cars found - get special variant of the Hollywood

When you finish all 3 sets you get a repair discount.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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