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Saints Row Walkthrough
Demolition Derby

The Demolition Derby is held at the arena, which is the big silver buildings to the western side of the city. It's marked with a blue car.

These are standard bust-em-up car races in a ring, with 9 cars total. In the beginning you only have to demolish one other car - but by the end of the set you're trying to destroy 4 of them. Note that you have to get the "final hit" on a car, to make it burst into flames, for it to count.

Level# CarsIncomeRespect
level 11$100700
level 21$250800
level 32$500900
level 42$1,0001000
level 53$1,5001100
level 63$2,0001200
level 73$3,0001300
level 83$1400

Note that in "real" demolition derbies, drivers try to hit each other in reverse so that their engine is protected. That doesn't seem to be an issue at all in this version. Instead, just try to stay away from the other cars until they start to smoke, then tag the smoking cars to finish them off.

You unlock the Ruckus Demolition Derby Car and Rampage Demolition Derby Car when you finish all 8 levels. Saint's Row Walkthrough

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