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Saints Row Walkthrough

Talk about a crude double meaning for a title! These missions are marked by the pimp hat icon. Your aim here is to go rescue prostitutes that have been stolen away by other evil enemy pimps. You have to kill those enemy pimps as part of your job.

It tends to work best if you get a solid four door car (like a police car) and start with the group furthest from you.

This is just a training mission. You only have 2 levels, and it's really just to get you enough respect to do the first missions. You shoot the red guys (the pimps) and run to the green dots (the prostitutes) to save them. When you finish this, you unlock Will (i.e. the pimp) - you can now call him on your cell for help.

Level# HosTime$ AmountRespect
level 113:00$2002000
level 224:00$2502500

Red Light / Vice Kings

Level# Hos# CrownsTime$ AmountRespect
level 1113:00$100700
level 2224:00$370800
level 3325:00$500900
level 4426:00$12501000
level 5527:00$15001100
level 6538:00$1200
level 7639:00$1300
level 8:00$1400

Just to the south of this area is a Forgive and Forget and just to the north is a mechanic. So you can pretty much always hit one of these to clear your wheels, and keep going - even at the highest level.

In general it really helps to own the territory before you do a given set, so that you have purple guys around to help you out.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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