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Saints Row Walkthrough
First Blood

You're getting started with Las Carnales - the gang which used to run the entire town, before Benjamin King came along. You're going to start by cutting off their income. THere are 2 labs marked on your map with red squares. You have to go in and destroy each one.

Start with the easern square. This is in a garage style warehouse. There are only a few guys in here - go in shooting them down then head into the back room with only 2 guards. Shoot the barrels in the corner from the middle of the room - they're explosive - then head on out. Now you have one lab left.

You get 2 crosses, which will reduce while you drive on over. Shoot down the few guards outside then go kick in the door on the left. Again, shoot the few guards insidde, work around to the inner room and blow up the barrels. That instantly ends your mission.

2 neighborhoods - southern cross and the mills
total owned 19/36
Money earned per day - $3,800

You unlock 3 homies now, with your recruiting skills.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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