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Saints Row Walkthrough
Chain of Command

Julius is very upset that you guys all tried to take on the Columbians on your own. In the middle of your talk, the Carnales show up in the church. It's a wild fight. They just keep swarming in - shoot them immediately as they come in through the door so they don't mass up inside. Then head outside.

Now you're shooting a bunch of guys in the cemetery. Convenient. Amusingly, a policeman just strolls on past while this is going on. More red guys come in from the sides, take them out as they come in. If things seem quiet, just hold tight. Another wave is on its way. Stay near the church entrance so you have that cover.

At some point you hear "they're coming back from the north" - you have to run in the church and back out the other end to the right. Just follow your buddies. There's one wave with a series of cars coming in to blast away. Stay up on the stairs so you don't get run over.

Victor shows up and he is VERY hard to kill - you have to blast him numerous, numerous times.

FINALLY everything is over. Now Angelo is running off to kill Manuel, and he slaps his wife around.

Cash - $3,000

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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