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Saints Row Walkthrough
Los Carnales Stronghold - Barrio

Cecil Park drug lab. You're just told to "take it out". You have red dots for enemies, and a triangle to go up to. There are only a few guys on the lower levels, but go in slowly so you don't get anyone sneaking up beside you. The stairwell is through a little square hole in the brick wall. Unfortunately, they have a minor flaw - there's a hole in them. You have to run and jump just right to get across.

Now it's easy to get the last spot - but now the place gets swarmed. You've got a sniper rifle, it's time to use it. You just have to avoid the rocket launchers while you do! Stay hidden in the back room and just poke out occasionally to take snipes at them.

When you clear those out, you see a cut scene of a lieutenant driving in to fight with you. Head on back down to have a little chat. It's super easy, and over quickly.

Cecil Park gained
Total owned 25/36
Money earned per day - $5,000

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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