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Saints Row Walkthrough
Troy's Solution

Apparently if we get the drugs back from the cops, the Columbians will work exclusively with us. Now it's your job to go do the raid. You have an idea of blowing up the wall by the evidence locker.

Go get your car loaded up with the bomb - and now you have a timer on you. You have to get the bomb over to the police station within the time given, and without of course blowing yourself up! Hopefully you have honed your driving skills by now so you're good at dodging other vehicles.

Position the car as indicated by the blue spot and run away. BOOM!

Into the Breach

You guys load the white fan right up against the hole - but now you guys have to defend the truck. The cops are a little annoyed by your activities and show up to protest. Run back and forth taking them out as they come in. Note that you have a timer counting down here.

Once the timer runs out, you have to return the truck to the garage. Race over to the forgive and forget to get your stars cleared. The one northwest in Sommerset is your best bet. Finally pull it INTO the garage.

Now there is a friendly little chat - until the insane younger brother shows up. There's a shoot-out and he hops into his car. Your Columbian friend wants the "senorita" spared.

Encanto district
Total owned 26/36
Money earned: $5,200

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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