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Saints Row Walkthrough
House Calls

Take a long slow drive out to the mansion, without getting any attention at all. Once you get there, the fun begins. There are a TON of red dots around here including guys in the upper windows. Work your way around the outside to the back pool. Once the outer world is clear, head on in.

What a nice house! Clear out the lower floor then go up the stairs. Work your way down the green carpet to the doors with hand signs on them. Go out onto the porch to clear out the guys up here.

Lives to Fight Another Day

Angelo runs out of bullets and you wing him as he takes off. Now you and Dex are chasing him down. You are riding shotgun - your task is to keep the car safe. The car of course has a health bar.

Unfortunately if you get bored because there's no chasers, you can't take out Angelo. He's unable to be harmed ... for now.

Soon you get a cut scene of the infamous drawbridge. He leaps across the chasm but you guys chicken out. C'mon, we've lept that chasm hundreds of times by now!

Ezpata district
Total owned 28/36
Money earned $5,600

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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