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Saints Row Walkthrough
Dinner's Cancelled

You guys have to get to Lopez before he gets on a plane. You have 2:30 to get there, and a fast car. Drive quickly! Don't follow the built in directions - it doesn't seem to be quite right.

When you get there, you hit a blue spot. "Time to Go". Apparently his girl doesn't want to meet him at the airplane. He talks her into it - but when you show up he deserts her rather quickly.

Suddenly you're not driving any more! Nwo you're in shotgun and have to take out the plane. It has a health bar. You need to take out the guys with rocket launchers - by using one of your own - and then the plane. You get some cool jumps and such along the way. Don't worry about plane yet, you'll get to that soon enough. Even if you see it in the distance, focus on the guys up front.

After 3 rocket hits, you guys skid to a stop - and the girl shows up. She's a royal pain in the butt and you guys roust her.

Get Wardill Airport
Total owned - 29/36
Money earned - $5,800

Unlocked Lopez Mansion as a crib

Unlocked Dex's Car

Unlocked all Los Carnales Cars

You also get a 44 and a SKR-7 Spree in your crib.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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