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Saints Row Walkthrough
Dex and Troy

This pair is far more sane than Johnny ever was. You guys want to hijack a truck - and Troy asks a ton of questions about why. Dex just wants it done. First you drive on over, following the green square indicator. Troy says that he doesn't want to get into drugs at all, and that this is a bad idea.

Stop by your garage and pick up a solid SUV. You want something with solid sides and with good performance. When you get there, stop nearby while your pal hops in. He has trouble getting it started, and the truck has a health bar. Shoot away while he gets going ... eventually. Now finally you have to escort him back. There will be a lot of shooters - run many of them over.

Troy isn't the best of drivers, but he will stop if you get too far away from him. Stay within his circle.

Finally you get the truck back and you have to "Meet the Lopezs"

You see the guys around talking. There's apparently some jealousy going on about a certain sexy woman. Hector's the brother in charge and you get some Godfather like discussion about weakness.

cash $500

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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