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Saints Row Walkthrough
The Classics Never Die

You finally get to hear about the plan. Load up with a crew, drive right into the production plant, and take the place over. We want not to damage the location a lot because we're going to use it later on.

Load up the Trojan Horse and ride on in. Drive the nicely painted white truck towards the indicated spot. It's very quiet to drive there.

Now it's time for fun. Everyone jumps out all excited. You run in and encounter resistance. Your crew is very unsubtle and gets blown away in about 2 seconds. There are a ton of enemies on the map. GO for cover immediately and work your way around to the left. Use explosive barrels wisely. Watch for the guys up on the catwalk area. If you work quickly you might actually have a few friends left as you get around here.

Move your way around to the back side, where the bay doors are open. Make sure you take out the outside people before you head inside the building.

Everything's Under Control

Now you see 2 guys talking - Hector and his friend. "Your father would have killed them all by now". Unfortunately Hector's brother and wife show up shouting and fighting, disrespecting Hector even more.

Got Pilsen
Total owend 21/36
Money earned per day - $4,200

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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