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Saints Row Walkthrough
Meet McManus

This is a talk with a sniper rifle. You hear that there's a meeting with Hector tonight - him and the Columbians. This will seem to Hector that the Columbians are double crossing him.

You've got a 5 minute timer to get yourself into place for the meet. Race on over there. Right behind wher eyou stop is a fire escape with a series of stairs going up. Go up the stair set and go over to the spot marked. It'll tell you to WAIT FOR THE DEAL TO START before you start shooting, so be patient!

Take a look at the groups of guys out there, seeing where they are. Several have rocket launchers, those are good to keep an eye on. Note that it is NOT when you count down to zero when the deal begins. You have to actually watch the car drive on over and the people get out of it.

Once you start shooting, the timer goes off. Shoot away! Soon they'll all be gone - it's not too tricky.

The cops talk about "Monroe is happy that Lopez is dead". Apparently the cops were tipped off. Now the younger brother, Angelo, gets the call about what happened, and he's furious.

Poseidon Alley
Total owned 23/36
Money Earned per Day: $4,600

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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