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Saints Row Walkthrough
Los Carnales Stronghold - Black Bottom

You're at the Black Bottom Refinery - and you are on a tagging mission. There are 7 spots here to find. They very nicely mark them out for you - you don't even hhave to search for them!! Sometimes I wish these missions were just a little bit more challenging.

Run around from spot to spot, they will show as a triangle if they are up higher. Of course there are red dots there to play with, agitate the dots all you want to. It's rather fun. They come at you pretty slowly so it should never be too overwhelming.

I do like that at least the tags aren't one-button-push things. You have to follow the directions given, for the duration given.

neighborhood - black bottom
Total owned - 24/36
Money earned - $4,800

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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