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Saints Row Walkthrough
The Rescue

Now Tanya is being watched like a Hawk, and Johnny is under lock and key. Aisha is worried about him. You're going to pose as Tanya's limo driver to get in with her to Big Tony's.

Hop in a car and drive on over to the marked location. Pull up into the spot. You see Tanya come with an attitude. The limo begins to drive away to park perhaps, go over and toss out the driver. Kill him, get into the limo and then drive back to get Tanya.

So first she gives you 1:15 to get to the clothing store. She makes inane comments around the way. When she shops she wants to stop by Friendly Fire in 1:20. When you get here, you now get a call that your OWN guys will be attacking you - you have to evade them without hurting them. You have to lose them then take her home. It's really not that challenging - just drive quickly.

When you get there, she walks in up the stairs. Go in after her and punch her in the face. Now you have to find and kill Green. There are a ton of guys in the suite so go in slowly. If you stand in the doorway and wait for them to come out, that works well.

Green is in the back room, you have to hit him a few times before he goes down. You free Johnny and he shoots the dead body a few more times.

Total owned 10/36
Money earned $2,000

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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