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Saints Row Walkthrough
Frame Job

You guys do damage and frame the Vice Kings - dressed up in yellow. You want a lot of footage of the damage you're doing. First, rack up a few stars so that the media trucks start paying attention to you. Then, have fun! Shoot people, smash cars, and make sure not to hurt those TV vans. Watch for triangles on your map - those are targets for you to go get.

Soon you are jumping into a yellow bulldozer and driving it up behind a statue. You probably have 4 stars by now :) Note that the dots aren't always logical. Go straight for the statue - make sure you hit the blue spot first. When you then hit the statue the ball comes loose.

Now you see King saying not to worry about it to City Hall. Warren is uppidty - King throws him out.

Got Nob Hill.
owned 11/36
Earned $2200/day

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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