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Saints Row Walkthrough
King Stronghold - Huntersfield

It's a good idea to run around this map before you begin the mission, looking for the locations of explosive barrels. They come in quite handy during your gunfight. Also, get an idea of where the 'maze' trailers are, to see how to move around.

Once you get the mission - in essence "go in the grocery" - start moving your way in. Shoot at the barrels to blow up the guys near them. We head around the left side for maximum effectiveness. Keep an eye out for the guys on the roof. Be sure not to stand near explosive barrels!

Once the outside world is cleared out, go around the back and into the open shipping bay door. You'll see a number of red dots on your HUD. Stand in the doorway and take the guys out one by one from relative safety. Work your way in slowly. Head in left, watching for the convenient red arrows to point them out. When this side is clear, move your way over to the other side.


12/36 owned
earned $2,400 / day

You can now save outside this location.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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