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Saints Row Walkthrough
King Stronghold - Red Light

You're sent in to the waterfront rooftop. You start out in the doorway of the building. Head up the stairs, going slowly and shooting as you go. About this time, I'm thinking "Where's Johnny?" How come it's always you, all alone, heading into these massively fortified strongholds? Ah well. Go up the path, out the window and up the fire escape. Jump forward to the other separate stairs in front of you to come at them from behind.

You have red dots nicely warning you where everyone is, so move against them one by one. Shoot your way along. Soon all those annoying little red dots have gone away. Move on to the blue spot. There's a rocket launcher by it - there's also a sniper rifle, if you need it, forward behind the little raised area.

When you step into the blue spot, your task is now to kill the patrols. It's a toss-up of going the subtle route (sniper) or taking out entire car (Rocket launcher). Of course with rockets you have lead time, so that can be tricky.

You don't have to get every single patrol, there are numerous. You just have to get 5 of them.

Rebadeux area
Total owned 15/36
Money earned per day $3,000

You do have to run all the way out again, just go out the way you came in. Out front is now a save spot.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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