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Saints Row Walkthrough
King's Dilemma

King wants to kill Tanya and take the Kings back. Jules says the Kings are shutting down. King wants to gather them up and lead them to the cops. "The King and I".

You ride with King. Apparently Julius grew up in Sunnyvale - not the Row. This is really about listening to the discussion - not about a real job. "The only way you're getting out is if you're dead or in jail". YOu get near the green arrows - and now you're bait. Wait for them to get interested in you, and now you have to drive - slowly - to lead them on to the police area.

It's really not that far until you get to the blue spot. When you do, the police show up to take care of things.

Once you finish this spot, go find another fresh car. King will follow you and hop in. The cops all sit there waiting for you. Again, drive out to the marked spot. Lure them in to the police that are waiting, and watch the carnage.

One more of course. These things always come in threes! Things are rather aggressive now. Watch your car's health and make sure you bail if it starts to catch fire. Also make sure you stay close enough that the Kings are able to follow you. Luckily they just sit still if you lose them.

Get Brighton as a territory

Owned 16/36
Money earned per day - $3,200

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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