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Saints Row Walkthrough
Old Friends

Aisha and Johnny are a bit feisty. You sort of figure that they must have dated at some point. Apparently the Vice Kings own her record label and are treating her poorly. She has an upcoming recording session. You need to make her disappear so she can get out of her contracts.

Get into the indicated car with gold wheels - a ZomKah. Aisha's upset about signing on with Warren. Drive over to the chop shop that is marked. They load you up with C4.

As you leave - a nutty fan is there in a van. Just jump out and shoot him, it's the fastest way. There's a car bomb indicator for 5 minutes. Once he's dead, get in your car and head out. You have to drive slowly and carefully.

Finally, you get there. She walks in, talks to them for a moment, then she runs out and the car blows up.

get union square - downtown district - 5/36
get $1000 as your daily take.

This unlocks two new missions:
* vice king stronghold in sunneyvale
* another vice kings mission

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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