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Saints Row Walkthrough
King Stronghold - Sunnyvale

When you start, a few dozen guys will appear in the center dirt area - the junkyard lot area. Just run around the center area shooting guys, taking cover, gatheirng up money and ammo. If you work your way from spot to spot it shouldn't be too bad. If you do poorly, you'll hear beeping noise - this means you're close to death.

When this main area is done, go into little alleyway. Kick in the door. Go up 2 flights of stairs. There's another door to kick in. There are a variety of bad guys are in here. Stay in the doorway area and shoot away at them.

When it's clear, go collecting. You'll find a sniper rifle in here and some AKs too. Get sniper rifle with 20 rounds. Now go out onto the porch with the blue marked area. You have to kill about 17 bad guys.

Once the mission activates, go back into the room a little so you're not as easy a target. You get 3 levels of zoom with left trigger. Shoot a few guys and then a new set comes in. Fun - they have a rocket launcher with them so take them out quickly. After another run or two, you're all set.

get sunnyvale gardens - projects district - 6/36
Daily income - $1,200

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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