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Saints Row Walkthrough
Pushback - Tanya Area

Pretty much immediately you get a "pushback" - i.e. the Kings try to take back their territory. These really just involve shooting up enemies in an area you've already learned about.

You get phonecall on your cell phone, and immediately the pushback begins. You have to kill enemies on your mini-map in the contested area.

Drive over to that area, and you see that you have a count down for 9 lieutenants. Run around and shoot them - you want to kill them slowly so you don't get swamped with their reinforcements, but of course not too slowly so you get bored. Once you take them out, all the stars / symbols immediately go away.

When you're set, you hear that you should go back to the church now.

reward - cash $1,500

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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