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Saints Row Walkthrough
Filmore Parking Garage

The Kings are meeting in the garage, in order to rig games. Don't let any leave.

There are 9 cars total and you have a counter for them. The first few are rather easy. Just wander over and grenade them, shooting guys that get in your way. This is pretty fun!

When there's one left you're told the car is up on the rooftop. Head on up there. The King jumps into the car and prepares to drive off the roof's ramp, i.e. a jump off the side of the garage. You're put into a car automatically to chase him down.

In your car, leap off the rooftop's ramp to follow him. If you're lucky he'll just crash. If you're not lucky, you'll have to drive after him, chasing him until you blow him up.

Filmore downtown district - 8/36
Total daily income - $1600

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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