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Saints Row Walkthrough
Decisions, Decisions

Johnny has to choose a weapon. You have to go to the abandoned police station and kill the Vice Kings. You're in a dragon-painted purple sports car. Drive on over there.

First clear out the guys lurking around the outside. Head up the stairs and kick in the door.

Tanya is there right when you enter. Go right through the overturned tables and shoot the 3 guys there. Turn left and go past the concrete wall, then in through the tables room and into the wood hallway. At the end of the hallway are a set of stairs.

Tanya is indestructable so don't worry about killing her yet. Johnny keeps up along with you and he has his own life bar. GO up the stairs, shooting some more. You go past an open balcony area, then down the hall and left.

Just as you have her cornered, you get bashed in the head and caught. Johnny gets himself shot in the leg, and Johnny stabs him in the foot. He gets you to escape.

You get a cellphone to return to the church, you've got 3 stars and 2 crowns.

Now you see Tony getting a call about Johnny. The yellow jacket guy is uppity and is stepped on. Warren wants to prove his shooting skill.

$1000 - no respect.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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