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Saints Row Walkthrough
Tattoo Parlor

I love the designs at the tattoo parlor! You can really customize your character quite a lot here, putting tattoos on your back, front, upper arm, lower arm and leg. Each tattoo adds to you respect modifier - i.e. increases the amount of respect you earn with each mission.

Definitely since you can't get "better tattoos" in terms of respect bonus, the very first thing you should do is spend all your money on body art.

Note that the respect line in these shop areas is showing you the "progress towards the next bonus". So for example if you're just getting started and the line is filling up, your aim is to max the line out, to get you 5% respect modifier. Then you start filling the line up again to get a 10% when it is full. Back Tattoo
+30 respect benefit for $250. Choose whichever one you like the best. I liked the 'cross' as it reminded me of Sean Penn in Mystic River. My boyfriend liked the big Native American bird.

Front / Chest Tattoo
+30 respect benefit for $250. I really liked the Celtic necklace style.

Arm Tattoo
You get both upper arm and lower (forearm) for $125 each, so that's 4 different tattoos. +13 each.

Leg Tattoo
You get one per leg at $125 each, again for +13 respect.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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