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Saints Row Walkthrough
Disc Locations

Just like hidden packages in Grand Theft Auto, there are "discs" scattered around the map for you to find and collect. Really do try to find them yourself first during normal gameplay before you consult this listing! Otherwise all you're doing is walking from location to location to step on them, which isn't much fun at all :)

There are 60 discs in all, and every 10 discs you find unlocks an original song for you to play.

Factories District / The Mills
In top left corner of this little area. The disc is up in between two brick buildings that have an in-air tunnel connecting them.

First Kings Mission
When you are rescuing Aisha's sister, to the right of the building they're holding her in is a porch with red lights over it.

Arena entrance
To west side between the portapotties is a disc.

Pilsen area
You see this most easily after the Carnales pushback here, it's over by the shed with the roll-up front door, down a dirt road.

Saint's Row Walkthrough

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