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Saints Row Walkthrough
Radio Stations

Like in all great games, there is a soundtrack that you can change around! Every car has access to the city's radio stations. They're all quite fun to listen to for the commercials and commentary. Use your D pad left and right to switch through the stations.

108.0 wmd kbboom fm - talk

the krunch 106.6 hard rock
including "Round and Round"

105.0 ezzzy fm - musak

four-20 103.6 - reggae

102.4 klassic fm - classical music
including "The Entertainer" piano music, William Tell Overture (a la Lone Ranger song), Waltz of the Flowers, Ride of the Valkyries

101.69 sizzurp fm - pop-rap

the faction fm 98.8 - 80s style pop

k12 fm 97.6 - dance

95.4 krhyme fm - harmonies pop

the rock fm - rock

the kronic 92.2 - rap

89.0 generation x - 90s music


Saint's Row Walkthrough

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