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Saints Row Walkthrough

When you go into a jewelry store at night, kicking open the door, an alarm goes off. You walk over to the save and crack it by turning the thumbsticks in the direction indicated, for the length indicated. Once you do, the safe pops open and you see the box of jewels.

You now have to walk (you can't run or jump) with the heavy box over to the indicated pawn shop (crowbar image). The chop shops temporarily vanish off your map. Stay along the edges of building to let your stars drop down. The traditional blue dots will guide the way. Note you can drop the box with Y to fight but then you of course have to pick it up again. If you find a car with a trunk you can use Y to load the box into the trunk, drive there, then get it out again. You can just drive into the blue circle too without unloading.

When you get to the pawn shop, the mission is done.

Rollerz / by Chinatown -
1 crowbar, 4 yellow cars, 2 cop stars
$500, 250 respect

Vice Kings / Downtown -
1 crowbar, 2 yellow cars, 3 cop stars
$500, 250 respect

Carnales / Airport -
1 crowbar, 0 yellow cars, 3 cop stars
$500, 250 respect

Saint's Row Walkthrough

Saints Row Review

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