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Weevil by Mark Berkerey

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


After the Storm by Sue Russell
Anticipation by Rachael Z. Ikins
At The Signal by Yasmin Khan
Bora Bora by Leslie E. Hoffman
Clipped Wings by Joanna M. Weston
Country Cook's Culinary Capers by Brigitte Goetze
Every Desert by Gene James Gilbert
Expect Dragons by Rachael Z. Ikins
Familiar Territory by Michael Harty
Firewood by Sandi Leibowitz
For My Mother by Rachael Ikins
Fugue: Reading Poetry with the TV on While Petting a Cat
by Sandi Leibowitz
Handbag of Straw by Jeff Burt
Home of the Brave by David Cooper
Ice Castings by Deborah Guzzi
If There Are No Birds by Kristin Roedell
Impeach The Moon by Lee Evans
Junkyard Duck by Emily Strauss
Lost at the Dog Park by Kristin Roedell
Marigold by Yesha Shah
Mirror Cinquain by David Edwards
Morning Song by Gene James Gilbert
Night Heron by Lee Evans
On Point Lookout by Joanna M. Weston
Pot of Gold by Patty Cole
Reveille by J. Scott Shields
Scraps by JB Mulligan
Snowstorm on White Canvas by Craig W. Steele
Solstice by J. Scott Shields
Tectonics by Joseph Farley
The Dying Room by Joann Grisetti
The Language of Hands by Jim Murdoch
The Love Bomb by Lisa Kerr
The Poetry of War […Syria] by Sergio Ortiz
Tree Death by Thomas Hollyday
Untitled by Rebecca Diak
Waiting for the Muse by Sandi Leibowitz
Watford City, North Dakota, 2013 by Sue Ellis
Winter Comes by Michael Harty
Winter Waterfall by Brenda Kay Ledford


A Gilded Frame by Deborah Guzzi
A Marriage Iranian Style by Manijeh Badiozamani
Everthing I Know In Life I Learned From My Sister
by Constance Sibrava
Pink by Liane Kupferberg Carter
The Law in Alabama by Brenda Wilson Wooley
The Lost, Crooked Christmas Tree by Angela Williams Glenn


Anita's Quartet by Hannah Thurman
Coming Home by Vanessa Horn
First Date by Jeanette Perosa
Grandma Dora by Zdravka Evtimova
Spare Change by Jody Zolli
The Walk by N.A. Granger
Twenty by Sonya Zalubowski



Prelude to a Walk through the Snow
by E. Joyce Guilford-Blake


J. Scott Shields - In His Own Words

Art and Photography

Weevil by Mark Berkerey
Fiddler Beetle by Mark Berkerey
Blue Banded Bee by Mark Berkerey
Landscape - Monument Valley, Utah
by Andrew R. Sciandra
Autumn Flowers by Carole Bouchard
Rattler Ant by Mark Berkerey
Sunflower by Christine Catalano
A Fly At Night by Mark Berkerey
Botanical Beauty by Kevin Saleeba
Nectar Delight by Charlene Goodrow
Ear of the Wind, Monument Valley, Utah
by Andrew R. Sciandra
5000 Year Old Portal Tomb by Al Rollins
Ghost Bee in Morning Glory by Carole Bouchard
Morning Glory Bud by Carole Bouchard
Satin Heart by Christine Catalano
Enter by Lisa Shea
Protective Mother by Charlene Goodrow
Arches, Utah by Donna Sciandra
Quenching a Thirst On A Hot Summer Day
by Ellen R. Erlanger
Surreal Purgatory by Bob Evans
Lunenburg Pond by Carole Bouchard
Mushrooms for Lunch by Lois Elaine Heckman
Threatening Sky Over Boston by Bob Evans
Through the Trees by Linda M. Crate
Tree Branches in Blue by Charity C. Tran
Chipmunk Lunch by Kevin Saleeba
Monument Valley Tract, Utah by Andrew R. Sciandra
PortMagee Harbour by Al Rollins
Dahlia Bud After a Rain Shower by Christine Catalano
Beige and Brown Tree Frog by Lois Elaine Heckman
Three Lovely Lotus Blossoms by Ellen R. Erlanger
Cobalt Herons by Dale Chihuly, 2005
by Ellen R. Erlanger
Cactus by Debi Gardiner
Remembering Lost Friend by Donna Sciandra
Of Jasmine by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Too Hot To Move by Ellen R. Erlanger
Bumble Bee Clings to Flower by Kevin Saleeba
Abandoned by Lisa Shea
Waiting by Bob See
Daniel O'Connell Memorial Church by Al Rollins
Laural Falls by Al Rollins
Bee at Work by Christine Catalano
Dripping Heart by Christine Catalano
Riding by Ashton
Yellow Path by Charlene Goodrow
Black and Yellow Tree Frog by Lois Elaine Heckman
Sweep by Bob See
Landscape - Canyonlands, Utah
by Andrew R. Sciandra
Still Life 3 by JackiGail
Dragonfly Stare Down by Kevin Saleeba
Power Plant Flower, Niagara Falls, Ontario
by Donna Sciandra
Shelter by Rachael Z. Ikins


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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