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Who's Your Dada - Book Review
Who's Your Dada, Redefining the Doll Through Mixed Media by Linda and Opie O'Brien is a fascinating look at creating works of art with found objects.

Doll Shop Review
I visited a doll shop, this week that is an absolute delight for doll lovers.

Knitted booties for Medium Baby Dolls
When making doll clothes, socks and booties are necessary to complete an adorable outfit for your baby dolls. In an earlier article I wrote about a crocheted pattern for doll booties, for those of you who prefer to knit, here is a pattern for knitted booties.

Care and Cleaning of Wooden Dolls
Wooden dolls have the possibility of being or becoming family heirlooms, which can be cherished for generations, with the proper care.

Crocheted Vest for 18 Inch Dolls
This crocheted vest is a companion to the crocheted skirt for 18 inch dolls. It requires a very small amount of yarn and is a great way to use up a little yarn you may have left from another project.

How to Design Doll Clothes Patterns
Here is the method I use when designing a new pattern for doll clothes..

Crocheted Skirt for 18 Inch Dolls
This is a quick and easy project which requires a very small amount of yarn to complete. If you have yarn left over from another project this is an excellent way to use it up.

More 18 Inch Dolls
Here are two more possibilities for buying an 18 inch doll on a budget.

Dolls For Boys?
This is a question I've returned to many times over the years, and the start of many discussions I've had with family members and friends. It is a question that is sure to result in an animated debate, no matter who you ask.

Stitched Toys - Book Review
I got a new book last week and I thought it would be of interest to many of you. Stitched Toys by Kate Haxell is a book that has something for just about any doll maker.

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