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Non-essential Doll Equipment
As I looked at my doll collection it occurred to me that I have a lot of equipment for them that isn't specifically intended for dolls. My family is used to this and accepts it as part of my "eccentricities" and doesn't question. But I was wondering how many of you also have such a collection.

More Recycled Dolls
Well, I'm at it again. It seems, when you are known as a maker and collector of dolls, that forgotten, unwanted dolls just somehow find their way to you.

Easy, No Sew, Doll Blanket
Here are instructions to make an easy blanket for your doll, and it doesn't require any sewing.

Ballerina Paper Doll - Long Tutu
Last week we made a ballerina paper doll, this week we are going to dress her for her recital.

Ballerina Paper Doll
This is a fun, easy paper doll to make, and the best part is you can make several, in different colors, and have your own troupe!

Cultivating Your Creative Life - Book Review
Cultivating Your Creative Life has value for all creative people, no matter what your chosen art form is.

Make a Tiny Faery Doll
I have been fascinated, lately, by all things Faery, or Fairy, as you may know them better. Along with this fascination my fingers have been itching to try making one myself. So here is the result of my first attempt. She is a Flower Faery, and I'm very pleased with her.

Sewing Instructions for 6 to 8 Inch Doll Dress
Here are the sewing instructions for making the 6 to 8 inch doll dress. This dress should fit Vogue Ginny dolls, American Girl Mini Dolls, Madame Alexander 8 inch dolls, and other dolls of similar size.

Dress Pattern for 6 to 8 Inch Dolls
Here are the pattern pieces for the dress for 6 to 8 inch dolls. It should fit Vogue Ginny Dolls, American Girl Mini dolls and any other dolls of similar body type.

Dress for 6 to 8 Inch Dolls
This week I set to work and designed and made a pretty dress for little dolls.

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