Stamp Collecting Encourages Family Discussions

Stamp Collecting Encourages Family Discussions
Getting the whole family involved in stamp collecting can spur a host of discussion possibilities between family members. Under the “talking about stamps” umbrella, an abundant stimulation becomes available. These discoveries will impact both parent and child. If you think you will have all of the answers to your children’s stamp collecting question, you will be in for a rude awakening. Children have taken to the technology revolution better than most of their parents have.

If you are involved in home schooling your children, you have to be aware that the home lessons will often spill over into family discussions. Of course this doesn’t apply only to home schoolers. Less frequently public school lessons cross over into the family’s home life. Parents who take a more solid interest in the daily goings-on of their children’s traditional school environments can discuss and relate school-time activities on what happens beyond the classroom environment.

Stamp collecting can help you to latch onto such discussions and make a significant impact on your children’s education. Using U.S. stamps as an example, almost anything can be presented about a typical school history lesson, because it is highly likely that the U.S. Post Office has issued a stamp featuring or commemorating the event or subject. You will have a golden opportunity to grab onto such discussions and be able to develop a relationship between the stamp and the school lesson.

When your bright-eyed student comes home from school and mentions that that day’s lesson focused on the Industrial Revolution or about the railroads impact on the 19th century, there is probably a stamp out there representing the topic. The first thing to do is to start with their school lesson.
Once you have familiarized yourself with their lesson, you can begin to incorporate the stamp into a family discussion. The child can then take the stamp in question to do some extra research on their own using home resources, the local library, or the Internet. this way the child can pinpoint exactly what the stamp is commemorating and to see how close it approaches what they learned in their school lesson.

Kids who are involved in collecting stamps are much more likely to be more inquisitive and resourceful than children not involved in stamp collecting. By tapping into these suggestions, your family can have hours of meaningful fun than can ever be had from watching television or playing video games.

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