Clairvoyance, Seers The Truth

Clairvoyance, Seers The Truth
Not everything can be explained. Nor does any group, panel, or scientific organization have everything figured out. As a man-made element, there's simply "categories" something does or does not fit; A bit like square pegs fitting that of round holes. However, there are those, who've had a glimpse, possibly more, in areas exceeding that which even science has yet to explain!

Aside from one of my favorites, California’s, Half Moon Bay “Moss Beach Distillery Restaurant,” and other places known for strange events and other odd occurrences, Clairvoyance and apparitions aren't usually high on the list of "quippy" conversation. But for those whom have had brushes with things such as telepathy, precognition, precognitive dreams and the like, they could tell you plenty!

Throughout history we've continued to see for ourselves, "Universal-Elements" and mystery defying, and/or explaining, that which continues to baffle the imagination.

From the "intuitional aspect" of the being-experience, past the hype and illusion making movies and television series, those such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Visionaries, Seers even Prophets, remain cross-examined or
deemed merely as “Mystics” even problems to medical science. But why?

"Though quite's rather something beyond rational explanation.

Though not completely understood, there does seem to be, in fact, a very real instinctual Sixth-Sense each and every living creature has access!

For now (in some parts of the world) this type of accuracy can feel more acceptable, more comfortable, illustrated as that of a coincidental nature, “slight-of-hand” or simply left as the unexplained.

Many whom have had encounters or happen reluctantly to tap quite frequently into what can feel to be a “wireless signal” of sorts, may find themselves both, with incredibly acute information: words, phrases popping out of their mouths, fore-knowledge of the death of a loved one, even events and dreams playing out in real life, yet awkward sharing the experience with only friends and family to confide.

For instance, though nothing life-altering, I myself had a simple dream in which I was shopping at a grocery store. Afterwards, many months later, my husband and I had moved to help a family member in another state.

On one of our shopping trips, he chose against a larger grocer opting for a privately owned mid-sized grocer. He proceeded to the sliding-doors (which I should add, were in the same position as the dream) while I stood in the parking lot, jaw flapping in the wind.

He did notice, I wasn't there and retrieved me, asking, “What is it?” I explained I knew the place...the entire layout, though I’d never been, or heard of the place (either had he). When we entered, he immediately wanted the deli. I explained it was in the far right corner; way-way back but to follow me first...

Zigzagging through isles, I told him "the dream" had a bottle of, “sparkling-raspberry, Sparkletini-something.” It was around a corner somewhere on a 3rd shelf, either from the top or bottom, and in real life, there it was.

We didn't have cable, no magazines, newspapers, etc., and to further execute my curiosity, asked of the item’s history at checkout. It was a new item they’d never carried (3 bottles) of which I purchased one.

In some cases, if you consider the brain like the hard drive of a computer, everything down to the smallest detail, we see, hear and do, aware or not is stored. Conversation may simply trigger a word. The uncanny part is when that word just happens to be right, leads somewhere to an answer we're in need of or privy to information not yet told.

There are some things our limited understanding of consciousness, frequencies even the equation of time, that have yet to be investigated in their entirety.

For those of us who don’t need to wait for someone else to tell us of their existence, we accept them for what they are, that of nature. Details?

Details are for someone else to work out and somewhere in matters of the "great beyond" there are validations, recognitions for things today misunderstood, just as we're finding going back in time. the realm of what we currently understand simply, as Physics!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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