Being Single Can Be Empowering

Being Single Can Be Empowering
Being a single woman can present difficulties when we only view the situation through the eyes of others. Often there is external pressure on the single person to find a mate or to at least show interest in being part of a couple by flirting or acting as though being single is not really part of the ‘’Life-Plan.’’ When people we love cause us to feel depressed about being single, it is time to act! Now is the time to remember that marriage, flirting, or dating when not ready, is not for everyone and should not become an option taken by force. Even if the ‘’force’’ is coming from within.

Yes, it’s hard to deal with being the ‘’odd woman out’’ when all your friends are now beginning to ‘’date’’, and it can become harder still to fend off additional questions about your ‘’love life’’ when all you want to do is enjoy the company of friends and have a good time. Well, take a deep breath then take a step back from the situation and look deep within at what is truly going on. Ask yourself why these inquiries about your status create such negative feelings that eventually cause your sense of self worth to plummet.

When our self-esteem is solid and we are centered, no question can knock us off our foundation. It doesn’t matter whom is doing the asking, we know our own worth, and we know that it does not lie in whether we are single or not. Now ask yourself some even harder questions. You have to learn to value yourself first, and then you will realize that no matter what others say, think, or feel about you will have little effect on the image you have of yourself. The most important relationship in anyone’s life is the one we have with ourselves.

Single people in particular, must learn to fundamentally like and value themselves as they are, now. When we build a healthy self-esteem, it changes the way we feel about ourselves and present that person to others. We need to become someone that we value and to let others see us in the same way.

Remember, being single when all your friends are pairing off is only difficult when we cannot see the value in our own lives. Value yourself and know that the most important relationship in life is the one we have with ourselves. Re-affirm your right to remain "Happily Single!''

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