How to Choose Your Craft Name

How to Choose Your Craft Name
A craft name is an alias under which you practice witchcraft and interact with the pagan community. You don't have to have one and many do not. But if you would like to have a craft name, you should put much thought into it. Choose one to keep for a long time. Select a name of personal significance that you will bear with honor. A craft name goes deeper than just choosing a throwaway internet identity such as new nickname with which to start fresh on the forums and chatrooms. It can symbolize your spiritual self. It is the name by which your gods know you. A name well-chosen will be a source of spiritual strength for you. Here are some potential sources for your craft name.
  • Animals. Do you have a spirit animal? If so, you may want to honor it by including its name in your craft name. If not, what animals do you admire? Think about the real physical attributes of animals. Delve further into the symbolism attached to each animal in human lore and legends. To get started, search online under "symbolism of animals."

  • Plants and Trees . Have you ever had a tree give you a wand via a branch broken off in a storm? (I once had an ash tree drop a perfectly sized branch right at my feet as I passed underneath.) Maybe you should name yourself after the tree or plant close to your home with which you feel a strong connection. Study the rich symbolism of trees and plants in human literature. Meditate on qualities you admire in certain trees (for example, the strength of an oak) or plants (for example, snowdrops bring the promise of spring). What is your favorite flower and why? To get started, search online under "symbolism of plants" and "symbolism of trees."

  • Minerals As with plants and trees, you might be attracted to the appearance and symbolism of certain precious and semi-precious gemstones and minerals. To get started, search online under "symbolism of minerals".

  • Colors. This is similar to using color as a correspondence in magic. What colors have properties or symbolism that you value? Are you a healer drawn to green or a warrior drawn to red or a mystic drawn to violet? Maybe a color will form part of your craft name.

  • Your ancestors. If you trace your ancestry, you might discover a connection to a fascinating ethnic heritage even if not much of the original blood flows in your veins today. Perhaps you want to take a Celtic name, a Norse name, a Slavic name, or a Native American name to honor this heritage. You could also borrow an old family surname or even name yourself after a specific ancestor. To get started, search for Celtic baby names, Celtic surnames, old Norse names, et cetera.

  • Your heroes. Maybe you loved certain historic figures that you learned about as a child and your reasons for admiring them remain significant. You can take the given names of Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Eleanor Roosevelt, and whoever else you like. Your craft name is meant to inspire you.

  • Books. Your imagination might have been caught by a hero or heroine from a beloved book – for example, Taran (Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander), Jo (Little Women by Louisa May Alcott), or Paul and Jessica Atreides (Dune by Frank Herbert). A name from a character that you love might be a significant choice for your craft name. Likewise, this works for movies. If you have the urge to name yourself after Leia (Star Wars) or Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird) or Katniss (The Hunger Games), you might feel sheepish about it, but you shouldn't. Your emotional connection with these characters is an important clue to what qualities you value most and want to bring into your life. Take the name as all or part of your craft name and use it as a source of strength.

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