The Rat in Chinese Astrology

The Rat in Chinese Astrology
People born in the years 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008 are considered the Rat people according to Chinese Astrology.
The Rat people are sympathetic, hardworking, prudent and social.


The people born under the year Rat are hardworking and very careful about spending their money. Their economical behaviors draw attention sometimes so that people may think they are parsimonious. There are three occasions that they can spend money on without having second thoughts. When they are in love, when they buy a piece for their collections or when they think it’s the best to spend that money for their career in the long term.

The Rat know what they want from life and are always ambitious to go further. Most of them not only know what they want but also get what they want, too. The key to get what they want is their tense working capacities, being smart and talented.


The Rat stress more compared to other people and can have problems due to stress. They should be careful about that and try to do exercises or activities to stay away from stress. They usually have a strong immune system to fight against the illnesses.


The Rat are people with vision. They are very good at observing and seeing the big picture which makes them a person to be trusted in his decisions. For that reason, it wouldn’t be wrong to ask their opinions whenever needed. The Rat make good writers, actors, managers, politicians, lawyers, counselors, researchers and musicians.


The Rat are very good at hiding their emotions. Even though their feelings about the others around give them hard time to communicate with, they would still be able to accomplish it. This leads to the idea of “wearing masks” by the people who observe things on the surface. The outer calmness of the Rat actually hides the ready-to-flame emotions inside.

The Rat According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find your element and continue reading about the characteristics of the Rat with the influences of the
elements on them.

01.28.1960 – 02.14.1961 Metal
01.16.1972 – 02.02.1973 Water
02.02.1984 – 02.19.1985 Wood
02.19.1996 – 02.07.1997 Fire
01.26.2008 – 01.26.2009 Earth

The Metal Rat

They are the most emotional ones in the Rat tribe. They are often jealous about others’ financial achievements. The Metal Rats are very idealistic people and less selfish than the other rats. They are good at hiding their ambitions behind the idealism mask. The Metal Rat tends to dominate others.

The Water Rat

The Water Rat are the most intellectual ones among the other types of Rats. They are fascinated by the books, learning and deep thought. Their ability to apply this feature in real life makes their way of thinking connected tightly to the real world. The most intellectual ones can approach in a more realistic way than a scientist, an economist or a philosopher. As they are good thinkers, they are also good at oral and written communication.

The Wood Rat

The Wood Rat are the most conservative ones. They can be distant to new and unusual things. They have an enthusiastic and excited nature. The Wood Rats are great fighters, however, they always are in fear that something is not right. They try to hide their fears from others.

The Fire Rat

Fire element gives them the nature of being passionate and excited. They have good sense of humour. They are always ready to react. If they think that they are being challenged or opposed, they act immediately. The Fire Rat can be defined as a ticking bomb. When they are really offended, they can explode, just like a bomb.

The Earth Rat

The Earth Rats are the most cold blooded people amongst the others. Search for self-confidence and balance is present in every aspects and periods of their lives. Family life and peace are very important for them. They are mostly successful in financial areas of life. When they need to do big changes, they prefer to play it safe as balance and safety are very important for them.

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