The Rooster in Chinese Astrology

The Rooster in Chinese Astrology
People born in the years 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005 are considered the Rooster people according to Chinese Astrology.
According to the Chinese, the Rooster is humorous and critical. People born under this sign are efficient, artistic, talented and powerful but they might have interesting and weird behaviours sometimes.


Roosters are very talented with money and are good leaders. They are confident and stubborn people. They have very disciplined and high-level working minds. They enjoy organizing people. Everything has to be in a certain order for them and they are the masters of order!

The Rooster expects admiration and approval of their talents and success by others. Bragging is a part of their nature. They are good at teaching. As they are very talkative, it’s not an unusual thing for them to start the conversation in a crowd.

The only negative we can say about them is their nature of trying to control other people’s lives.


Roosters are mostly healthy people. Sports is essential in their lives. They are real fighters when it comes to illness. That’s why they don’t get sick very often. The Roosters can experience stress and have mood changes.


Roosters have excellent financial management skills.ý You can ask for their advice about money without hesitation. They also are very talented and artistic. Based on these facts, they make good actors, dancers, musicians, dentists and bankers.


The Rooster can have unbalanced, undecided mood changes. They are generally in a very happy or very sad state of mind. Their feelings are mostly at the highest level.

The Rooster According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find out your element and continue reading about the characteristics of Rooster with the influences of the elements on them.

01.31.1957 – 02.17.1958 Fire
02.17.1969 – 02.05.1970 Earth
02.05.1981 – 01.24.1982 Metal
01.23.1992 – 02.09.1994 Water
02.08.2005 – 01.29.2006 Wood

The Fire Rooster

Fire Roosters can’t stop bragging. They have a very excited and flammable nature due to the fire element. Their passion and enthusiasm can cause them troubles in fitting in.

The Earth Rooster

Compared to others, they are not after glamour but they are more passionate about controlling ýothers’ lives. Sometimes they might challenge the ones who follow them.

The Metal Rooster

They are strongly faithful. As they believe that what they think is always right, they may ýdevelop some problems with the ones who don’t agree with them. That’s why it’s difficult to get ýalong with Metal Roosters.

The Water Rooster

The Water Rooster is the most intellectual type of Roosters amongst the Rooster Tribe. They are ýreally talented but sometimes they may not use their talents efficiently due to being stuck in ýsmall details.ý

The Wood Rooster

Wood Roosters try to control their way of being critical but mostly they are not successful in that. ýThey are good-hearted and do care about others’ feelings and thoughts more than the other ýRoosters.ý

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