Chanca Piedra-The Stonecrusher Herb

Chanca Piedra-The Stonecrusher Herb
If you have ever suffered from the effects of a kidney stone, you have a lot of company; each year in the United States, over half a million individuals experience the pain and discomfort associated with these stones. Of course, kidney stones aren't actually stones. They are crystals which form in the urine when there is too much waste and not enough liquid to keep it suspended. If crystals form, and may either pass through your system relatively unnoticed, or continue to grow until they cause blockage and a backup of urine. At this point the situation can become quite painful and will require attention.

As with most problems, it is better to anticipate them than to react once they happen. In order to avoid issues with kidney stones, many generations of indigenous Amazonians have relied on the benefits associated with an herb called Chanca Piedra. This herb has also been an vital part of India's traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it has been used to successfully treat not only kidney stones, but also a variety of urinary tract infections, and digestive tract disorders like severe flatulence, loss of appetite, certain intestinal infections, and even dysentery.

Chanca Piedra is known as the "Stonecrusher Herb" because of its effectiveness in dealing with kidney stones. Although it isn't known exactly how this potent herb reduces or possibly prevents kidney stones, it is thought to help increase your body's bile production. An increase in bile can help the overall digestive process which means that your body may more efficiently absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Chanca Piedra is available at many health food stores, nutrition outlets, and even online. A quick search of Google will give you a number of options for ordering it.

If you believe that you may already be dealing with kidney stones, the most common symptoms to look for are pain on either side of your lower back, lingering stomach pain, nausea or vomiting, and blood in your urine. Sometimes drinking large amounts of water can flush smaller stones out of your system in the very early stages of development, but if you have these symptoms, you should check with your health care professional as soon as possible.

Even with the power of Chanca Piedra at your disposal, you will still need to use some common sense in order to reduce or eliminate your chances of developing kidney stones. Drinking a good amount of non-chlorinated water each day, keeping an eye on your weight, and being mindful of your daily intake of salt and sugar can all help to prevent stones from forming.

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