The Tiger in Chinese Astrology

The Tiger in Chinese Astrology
People born in the years 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010 are considered the Tiger people according to Chinese Astrology.


According to the Chinese, Tigers are accepted male and they do not trust women born under the sign Tiger. In Chinese Culture, Tiger is the king of the animals.
People born in the year Tiger are sometimes bad-tempered but in general they enjoy every moment of life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are very dynamic. Generally the Tiger are lucky. They have an unpredictable, active and brave nature. Some Tiger take action very fast without thinking about the possible outcomes. The best characteristics they have is their understanding nature to other people. However, their self-centered personality is their weakness which repels their friends.


The Tiger are very lucky and they rely on their luck. So, it’s not unusual to see them changing minds about their careers quite often. But still, they would have successful careers. The Tiger would make good musicians, pilots, writers and managers.


The Tiger have a very emotional nture, however, they are good at suppressing their emotions and are more up to short term relationships, especially when they are young. Most casanovas are born in Tiger year. But, in time, they calm down and finds maturity to start thinking about ways to make their life partners happy.

The Tiger According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find your element and continue reading about the characteristics of Tiger with the influences of the elements on them.

02.05.1962 – 01.24.1963 Water Tiger
01.23.1974 – 02.10.1975 Wood Tiger
02.09.1986 – 01.28.1987 Fire Tiger
01.28.1998 – 02.05.1999 Earth Tiger
02.14.2010 – 02.03.2011 Metal Tiger

The Water Tiger

The Water Tiger share the most of the characteristics of the Tiger in general. They are usually calm but if they see a sign of to be manipulated, they can change their mood very fast. Even though they are calm, they can be very furious. They are reasonable people and care about others’ feelings and respect their opinions. These characteristics would help the Water Tiger to have a successful career and a happy family life.

The Wood Tiger

The Wood Tiger are very friendly and peaceful people. They are always admired by their friends. However, it’s not the same for the strangers. The Wood Tiger would be very cautious and self-protective when they are around strangers.

The Fire Tiger

The Fire Tiger are natural born leaders. They can easily get carried away with their enthusiasm and desires. The Fire Tiger are generous. They like sharing what they have with others. They are the most talented ones in the tribe. They present their talents in their social lives. The Fire Tigers are sympathetic people and have the skills to be bright leaders.

The Earth Tiger

The Earth Tiger are the most realistic ones but they are less talented than the other Tiger. They might not be very talented but they have a very hard-working and patient nature!

The Metal Tiger

They are very extrovert, outgoing and optimistic compared to other Tiger. They can be very reckless and selfish sometimes. The Metal Tiger wouldn’t mind manipulating people to achieve their goals. If they can control these characteristics of theirs, they can be both successful and sympathetic.

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