Great Stamp Collectors

Great Stamp Collectors
Stamp collecting is one hobby that is loved all over the world. Aside from the wonderful experience that stamps give to the collectors, it is also a very inexpensive hobby.

Stamp collecting does not only involve collecting stamps per se but also other stamp-related pieces such as envelopes and packages which contains the stamps. Would one believe that stamp collectors are revenue-generating agents for countries which make limited edition stamps?

There are collectors who are involved in collecting stamps for the sheer fun of it. There are those who have taken stamp collecting into a higher level and have taken a philatelic way of stamp collecting. Philately is basically the study of the intricate details of a stamp. Many have become philatelists because they have seen the value of the stamps.

If one is starting to collect stamps, he can ask his immediate family members or friends for their stamps if they are not into collecting. Many people just throw away stamps without realizing that there are people who might be interested in them. One might want to ask his grandparents regarding stamps, they may have saved some stamps from years ago. Older stamps are harder to find and most probably more expensive than the common ones which are produced today.

There are certain basic things that a stamp collector needs to be able to do. These things will make someone enjoy stamp collecting and preserve the integrity of his stamps. Whether a collector is a casual stamp collector or a philatelist, these are must-do things in stamp collecting.

A good stamp collector:

- keeps his collections safe

Collecting stamps or anything in general is not about gathering all the items and leaving them somewhere in the corner of a room for it to catch dust or cobwebs. In collecting stamps, the items should be safely kept in a container (usually an album) which will keep them from being damaged or destroyed. The slightest tear or scratch on a stamp will definitely decrease its value.

-has the right supplies

In relation to the previous trait of a good collector, he must have the proper tools to be able to keep his collection safe. Having the right tools doesn’t mean spending one’s pockets out. Stamp collecting supplies are relatively inexpensive and one can avail them without digging too much into there pockets.

-knows what to collect

There’s nothing wrong with collecting any kind of stamp in general, especially if one is just beginning to collect stamps. However, there would come a time that a collector feels the need to specifically target a certain set which he would want to collect. There are many different kinds of stamps which are out there for collecting. There are postage stamps, postal stationery, revenue stamps, first day covers and other stamp collectibles.

If there are duplicate stamps, one might consider selling the duplicates or exchanging them for other kinds of stamps. This will avoid redundancy in the collection and allow it to expand.

-knows how to assess the value of his stamps

Stamps can be very valuable. One needs to have basic knowledge on how to appraise the value of his stamps. He can start by reading stamp catalogs and other detailed informational materials. Stamp catalogs list the price of different kinds of collectible stamps, they also give some nifty facts about certain stamps. One can also ask the help of expert stamp collectors about the values of certain stamps which are not included in the catalogs.

These are just a few traits of a good stamp collector. No matter how one collects or what he collects, the important thing is that he enjoys what he does and finds meaning in it.

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