Sexual Harassment and College Students with ADD

Sexual Harassment and College Students with ADD
Let’s have an open discussion about sexual misconduct or harassment. This is a topic that is often not discussed with students, and it is imperative that they understand the problems that it can bring. People with Attention Deficit Disorder may be spontaneous and impulsive. There are times that they say things without thinking them through. Sexual harassment, whether you mean any harm or not, is one thing that a college or employer will not tolerate. Joking around about sexual matters or a person’s appearance is a dangerous thing to do at school or work, because it can get you expelled or fired. This article is written for both college students and workers. It applies to schools and business settings.

Complimenting people on their appearance by telling them that they are “beautiful” or “handsome” is one thing that can get you in trouble. Schools and employers are strict about this, because they can be sued, if they allow sexual harassment. It is better for them to get rid of an offender than to take the chance to get sued. If a student or employee is reported for sexual harassment, the organization will investigate. If they find that sexual harassment has taken place, discipline measures, often expulsion from school or termination of employment, will be the action taken. Below, sexual harassment is defined and examined.

Definition of Sexual Harassment:
Unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct that is sexual in nature and is severe and/or pervasive that affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment. Below are examples of these types of sexual harassment.

This includes comments about a person’s clothing, body, sexual or gender based jokes or remarks. It also includes requesting sexual favors or repeatedly asking somebody out. Sexual innuendos, threats, and spreading rumors about a person’s personal or sexual life are a part of this category. Foul and obscene language is part of verbal sexual harassment. This category is where a lot of people get into trouble by “joking around.” Even if you think that it is just a joke, when somebody feels harassed, you could get into a lot of trouble. This is taken seriously.
VISUAL-- This category includes, posters, drawings, pictures, memes, screen savers, cartoons, e-mails, or any text of a sexual nature. With the rise of electronic communication, people often just quickly write a short text without thinking too much about it. Electronic communication can be used to show visual sexual harassment.
PHYSICAL- -This includes assault, blocking, or impeding movement. Physical also includes inappropriate touching such as, kissing, hugging, patting rubbing or stroking, and sexual gesturing. Staring or leering are both also included in the physical category.

The two categories of sexual harassment are Quid Pro Quo, which is Latin meaning “this for that” and Hostile Work Environment.

Quid Pro Quo –-
A boss uses job rewards such as bonuses and promotions. A teacher might use better grades and special opportunities in or outside of class. A boss might use punishment, demotions, or firing to force an employee into a sexual relationship or a sexual act. An instructor could use lower grades on assignments or a failing class grade to force a student into a sexual relationship or a sexual act.
Hostile Work Environment- -Conduct that unreasonably interferes with work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. This includes a repeated sexual comment that makes someone so uncomfortable that their work performance suffers. They might decline any professional opportunities because this might put them in contact with the harasser.

In both types of harassment, the person must prove that the conduct was offensive to someone, not necessarily the intended victim of the harassment. If the employer should have known or was told that sexual harassment was going on AND failed to take action to correct the sexual harassment, they can be sued. -

A charge of sexual harassment can be devastating for a person’s educational or work future. Once a person has been labeled as a “sexual harasser,” it is hard to get educational placements or employment. Schools and employers need to protect their organizations from legal liabilities. Don’t be that liability. Refrain from telling that naughty joke or sending that sexy meme. Your future depends on it.

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