Feng Shui Tips to Change Your Energy

Feng Shui Tips to Change Your Energy
Feng Shui is a method to provide success, health and wealth in your life by balancing the energy and vibe of the universe and the nature. It may sound very complicated in the beginning but once you start to apply this method in your life, you will see the results. There are many resources where you can find information about Feng Shui. In this article, I want to share some basic and simple points that you can apply or consider.

The most important thing before starting to apply Feng Shui in your life is to clean the energy in your house. You get rid of the old and negative energy by getting rid of the things that you don’t use anymore. If you don’t use it, why do you still keep it and let it block the flow of chi in your house? Once you do this, you will feel the energy change in your house and then you can go on to the next steps.

Here are some examples;

Balance Yin and Yang in light and shadow level. Increase the light a little bit for success so that Yang can enrich your energy.

Regular shapes should be preferred over irregular shapes. Square and rectangular shapes things have more Feng Shui compared to triangular and less sided things.

The number of the windows in a house should be less than 3 times more than the number of the doors. The more windows, the more of your luck leaks out the windows. It’s better not to have a window right across from the door.

The wind chimes should be located in northwest. The chimes with six sticks at the bottom help to get influential people in your life. They also help the householder’s luck.

At least once a week, the windows in two different rooms should be opened so that the fresh air can sweep away the old Yin air. It’s better to do this in a sunny day as the Yang energy, full of life and luck, will be in.

Fresh flowers bring in the fresh Yang energy to your house but when the flowers are dead they bring bad Yin energy. That’s why you should never keep the dead flowers in your house and replace them with the fresh ones.

Dried flowers should be avoided in order to protect your success and luck. Never have dried flowers in your house. According to Feng Shui, they are not lucky. Instead of dried flowers, the artificial flowers are better even though they are not preferred.

Balance Yang in the summer and Yin in the winter. Yang energy is high in the summer. In order to maintain the cosmic balance and good luck, provide Yin energy with some water. In the winter, Yin energy is high and it should be balanced with the fire of Yang.

All the faucets and water sources in front of the house should be located on the left of the front door (from a person’s perspective from inside the house). This shows that couples will live in that place permanently.

Avoid straight roads.The door of the house shouldn’t be directly facing the road. Putting trees, fence or PaKua symbols can help you to block the negative energies that you would receive. The road coming to the front door must be curved, so that the chi or cosmic energy bringing you good luck would slow down.

Remember, little changes can make big differences.

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