Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon is a sci-fi series on Netflix that is based on a book with the same name by Richard Morgan. The series is set in a dystopian world where bodies can be killed but consciousness can be transferred from body to body.

The show takes place in the distant future and is set in the year 2384. In this world, a person's consciousness is stored on a device implanted at the base of the neck. Bodies are considered "sleeves" and any consciousness can be uploaded to a body. This process brings to light a ton of ethical dilemmas about science and playing God. There are scenes in the first episode where protestors are outside of a state-ran building. The protestors are holding up signs about the ethnical concerns surrounding transferring people's "minds" into random bodies. There is also a scene where a little girl is killed and since the state is required to provide her with a body, when her parents go to pick her up, she is in a grown woman's body instead of another child.

The shows centers around Takashi Kovacs who was a political operative with Navy Seal-like skills. Takashi is part of a group working to overthrow the New World. In the show's intro, Takashi is taken into custody after his girlfriend is killed. He awakens after serving 250 years in prison in a frozen cryo-state. Viewers find out that Takashi's sentence was actually cut short and he is given the option to either assist a millionaire with solving a crime or return to jail to serve out the rest of his time frozen back at the jail. At first he immediately declines the offer, but as he gives it more thought, he agrees to help.

It's interesting to see all of the futuristic changes in the new world. Since Takashi has been frozen for the last 250 years, he has to learn about all of the technological advances that have been made since he went to prison. As soon as he is released, he finds himself being attacked and almost killed by someone who doesn't want him to solve the murder.

*Good fight scenes
*Interesting character development

*Darkness - a lot of the show is shot in darkness

Altered Carbon's first season consists of 10 episodes. The entire season can be found on Netflix.

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